Chicago Ornithological Society, part 2

Greetings, all. I hope you and yours are safe and well and managing some measure of sanity in this challenging time.

I wanted to add some info to my last post about the Chicago Ornithological Society's webinar Birds & Bytes, a virtual programming series about birding.

The monthly webinar invites listeners to "grab a beverage or a bite, listen in and share [their] own thoughts and questions."

I invite you "grab a beverage or a bite, listen in and share" in the inspiration. You also may want to join the program each month for more of the same.

Thank you for joining us on April 9th for Birds & Bytes: Inclusivity in Birding! We appreciate you spending the evening with us to hear from our panelists about how they are breaking down barriers in birding! We are excited to announce that this webinar is now posted online, along with two other brand new webinars from the Chicago Ornithological Society and local partners! Please check out the video here on YouTube, and share with your friends!

As a follow-up to our program, the following links are to the organizations and projects featured by the guests in our webinar. Please check these out and learn more about how you can support the missions of the Feminist Bird Club, Birdability and Wild Indigo!

  • Feminist Bird Club Founded in 2016, the Feminist Bird Club aims to be an inclusive birdwatching club that provides a safe opportunity to connect with the natural world while fundraising to protect the rights of BIPOC, LGBTQIA+ folks, and women. Feminist Bird Club is also on Instagram.
  • Birdability Follow along with Virginia Rose’s blog about how she is helping introduce birding to those with mobility challenges
  • Submit your Birdability Review Now that you know a little bit more about the Birdability program, help contribute to the Birdability mapping project and document accessibility in outdoor spaces!
  • Wild Indigo Nature Explorations Wild Indigo Nature Explorations is a community engagement program that seeks to build lasting relationships between urban communities of color and their local natural areas. The goal is to demonstrate the connection between healthy natural habitats and healthy urban communities via activities that familiarize adults and children with the nature and wildlife that share the spaces where they live, work, and play. Wild Indigo is also on Instagram and Facebook.
Thank you again for joining us and take care,

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