Birdability walk on March 21 CANCELLED

Hello birders in the time of coronavirus. Sadly, we have to cancel our Saturday walk at Richard Moya.

I birded today at a new park, Mills Pond in Wells Branch, and LOVED it. After 2 hours, I saw 28 birds. The best show was Mr. and Mrs. Downy Stake their Claim as the pair mobbed Mr. and Mrs. Red-bellied Woodpecker. Same show, only different actors took place later as a Downy couple took on the Ladderbacked Woodpeckers.

As soon as it is safe to be together again, I will lead a walk there. I think you will really like it.

Stay safe and continue birding! It is still migration time, and birds are doing their thing, only all dressed up and singing their respective love songs! I spent 15 minutes listening to the Ruby-crowned Kinglet singing a song I seldom hear! Look for my next post regarding our next walk in April.


Unknown said…
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