San Marcos Springs in December!

I was one of the fortunate guests at an outing in San Marcos, Texas last December. And, I can't stop thinking about it! Mary Kay and Chuck Sexton bid on and won the trip at the Victor Emanuel Conservation Award Luncheon last October.

Any trip that includes an accessible birdwalk in the gorgeous central Texas hill country, a wine and cheese respite, and then a glass-bottom boat tour is right up my alley! Since there is no way for a person in a wheelchair to board the boat and no place to sit in a wheelchair on board, Mary Kay asked if I had any opposition to a young, strong, handsome man picking me up. Um, no, no opposition at all.

The weather was hill country classic for December, warm in the sun and warm in the shadows.
The wildlife was hill country classic as well. Once on the crystal clear Spring Lake fed by 200 springs, "the second largest natural cluster of springs in Texas, "we glued our eyes to the depths below and sounded like a bunch of kids, exclaiming, "Look! Look!" And pointing at this and that, asking what's that? What's this? Birders are so funny!

Even the old pros on board were pleased to see four kinds of native turtles, Texas River Cooters, Common Snapping Turtles, Musk Turtles, and Red-eared Turtles. We saw a dozen kinds of native fish, including some of the largest catfish and bass and gar they had seen in a while.

To top it off, against the pink sunset, we were treated to ALL THREE TEXAS KINGFISHERS at ONE time and in ONE spot. Unbelievable! First the Green, then the Ringed, then the Belted crisscrossing over each other and calling. Spectacular!

Thank you, Andy and Nona Samson, Chuck and Mary Kay, and young, strong, handsome man for a wonderful evening with birding friends.

(Photos courtesy of Cece Green and Diana)