Results of Bird walk on Nov. 16, 2019

Hi, autumn birders! Seven of us met at Govalle Park on the beautiful Walnut Creek bike path. We traveled about two miles on a clear and perfect autumn day in Austin. The sky was blue, yellow leaves were falling, Red-shouldered Hawks were calling and flying overhead. We saw all of my favorite Austin birds, including two kinds of hawks, two kinds of vultures, two kinds of doves, two kinds of woodpeckers, and two kinds of sparrows. Cool, huh?

In all, we saw 21 species and thoroughly enjoyed the day. Question: why do the Cardinals look brighter red and the Blue Jays brighter blue this time of year?

The next bird walk is Saturday, Dec. 14 at beautiful Berry Springs Park in Georgetown at 8:00. Please join us!

Questions or comments, contact me at Thank you!

Happy Thanksgiving!


P.S. Four of the original seven took off before we could capture them in a photo!