Birding Reimer's Ranch

Hello! Eight of us drove to the beautiful Reimer's Ranch off Hamilton Pool Road in the hill country west of Austin on Monday. Terry Banks led, and we saw about 25 birds, lots of winter sparrows, the best of which (for me) may have been Black-throated Sparrow.

Reimer's has very wide, level, and well maintained crushed granite trails great for walking birders but more difficult for people using scooters, rolling walkers, or wheelchairs. Portions of the trail are sidewalk, and those are wonderful! The lookout itself is terrific because the wall is low enough for seated birders to see over, but the  trail toward the lookout has crushed granite sections that are not easy to manage. Speaking of walls, unfortunately the walls all along other parts of the trails are too high to see over. I only saw one bench.

Areas other than the trails, such as the parking lot and pavilion, are definitely birdable for people with mobility challenges. The handicapped restrooms are good as is the handicapped parking.

Although the day was cloudy and cool, it sure beat the triple digits Austin has been enduring for what seems an eternity!

Happy autumn birding!