Access Considerations Handout

Hello again. I was asked to speak at the National Audubon Society Convention last July in Milwaukee. I happily accepted that invitation and had a wonderful five days amongst amazing people.

In preparation for that presentation, I created a handout entitled Access Considerations.  I have attached that handout below for anyone to use with the following caveat.


I simply addressed nine access points with which I have personal experience in 46 years as a paraplegic using a manual wheelchair. My comments are purely subjective according to my own personal experience and are not meant to apply to all people with mobility challenges. Birdability recognizes that every single mobility challenge and person are unique. As such, there can be no one-size-fits-all checklist with respect to accessible birding sites. My goal and the goal of Birdability is to give us a place to begin. My motto is, "You won't know until you go!" By that I mean
the Access Considerations give a rough determination of accessibility. Please use the handout in the spirit with which it was designed.

I am also very open to ways in which it can be improved upon! Please do not hesitate to contact me with ideas, modifications, observations, comments and/or kudos! You can contact me at

Can I also ask you to let me know about any "accessible" birding sites you find in your travels. We are in the process of creating a spreadsheet listing all "accessible" birding sites by state. A hefty goal, but there you have it! Be a part of it!

As always, thanks for any insights to help forward our goals.

Here's the link to the file:

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