Swifts Night Out

Tonight, Aug. 11, 2019, eight of us, George Kerr, Terry and Joel Banks, Frances Cerbins, Kathey Ferland, Sharon Richardson, Carol Ray, and myself met at Eldorado at 6:30 for dinner. We each had exactly one adult beverage with dinner, bearing in mind the important task at hand.

Gathering at Brentwood Elementary at 8:00, we saw birds were already entering the chimney. The evening was beautiful but warm with clear skies and a nice breeze.

We need to decide how to better count. Some of us, including myself, were counting out loud and confused others. Sorry! Next year we are going to count silently and or use clickers.
We'll just see how well that works out!

I'm going to write up a satirical etiquette on counting swifts, make 1 million dollars and become a famous writer. You will each get a cut.

Sharon counted 626. I counted 480. Average 553, per Carol Ray, accountant extraordinaire. Fun was still had by all regardless of counting confusion!

The below comes from an article by Shelia Hargis posted August 23, 2012 in Signal Smoke Blog! Proof, George, that you were there.

Brentwood Elementary School
Sunday night (8/12/12): 439
Counters: Frances Cerbins, Virginia Rose, Jean Martin, Carole Martin, Judith Bailey, George Kerr, Mary Alice Kerr, Ethel Kutac, Laura Lefler

Until next time...