Birdathon May 4, 2019!

After last year's success, I again set out to bird dawn to dusk in 5 accessible Austin-area parks to see as many birds as I could. I had plenty of donors and lots of support.

The GORGEOUS day began at 7:30 at Berry Springs in Georgetown where I met Rose Ann Reeser and Terry Banks. We birded there for 4 solid hours and picked up 47 species, including 9 warblers, perhaps best of which was chestnut-sided warbler. Thank you, Terry!

From there, we travelled to Windermere Park in Pflugerville where we ate lunch, said goodbye to Rose Ann and hello to Kathey Ferland. Windermere was too quiet, so we headed to Richard Moya. When we arrived, Richard Moya was River Moya! The park was completely flooded! Rats! Onto Riata.

Riata gave us a two new warblers and 10 new species. We said adios to Kathey and headed to Lake Creek.

Lake Creek was toasty, but birdy. We picked up 8 new species, best of which was Canada warbler, the very last bird there in the dark, shady area at the parking lot. We were thrilled to say the least. What a great birding day! We headed to Cafe Chapala to meet the others for a celebratory beverage and dinner. Another very successful birdathon!