Results, Second Official Birdability Walk

Beautiful day! Peggy, Kathey, Jeannie, and I met at Richard Moya Park in Austin at 8:00 a.m. This park is one of my favorites. Once a large Pecan tree orchard, the park has enormous old trees, and Onion Creek murmers peacefully on the southern boundary.

We were initially bundled up for 45 degrees, but as we wheeled and the morning warmed up, we shed our outer layers. We shared tips on the best wheeling gloves, coffee mugs for wheelchair users, leg warmers, and hats. We discussed smart drives, front super wheels, shoulder injuries, and our respective ages! There was lots of laughing and lots of birds!

We saw 24 total species. Best bird was probably yellow-throated vireo, but grackles and starlings provided some good study sessions. Red-bellied woodpeckers, eastern bluebirds, house finches, yellow-rumped warblers, orange-crowned warblers, white-crowned sparrows, eastern phoebes, American kestrel, and others entertained us as we completed the lovely 2-mile, 3-hour spin today. Thoroughly enjoyed it. You gotta' love being outside in Austin in November!

Next Birdability Walk is in December. Stay tuned for details.


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Looking good!